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Story about this Pre-Order item

My journey led me to the enchanting Skz concert in South Korea, and the perfect accessory to accompany me was a messenger bag (not too big to be bulky, not too small to be useless). My attire craved a touch of Skzoo magic, and my heart brimmed with creativity. While I had adorned myself with something Wolfchan-themed (my ultimate bias), my bias wrecker beckoned for attention. That's when the idea sparked, and I fashioned a Skzoo messenger bag!

At the Music Bank event, countless devoted Stays inquired about the origin of my messenger bag. Their eyes widened in astonishment as I proudly revealed that I crafted it myself. Yet, a tinge of disappointment lingered as they yearned to possess one of their own.

Time has woven its tapestry, and the present has arrived…

My aspiration is to share the joy my backpack brings me with fellow Stays. Hence, I've conjured up even more designs!


By the way, these bag snugly accommodate your essentials!